BRIGID (Brigit; *Brigentī) [Her Highness, the high one]: Brigit will be already familiar to English readers who know no-thing of Celtic myth. Originally she was a goddess associated with the fire and the health, as well as of poetry, which the Gaels deemed an immaterial, supersensual form of flame.

But the early Christianisers of Ireland adopted the pagan goddess into their roll of sainthood, and, thus canonized, she obtained immense popularity as Saint Bridget, or Bride but, despite this Christianisation, she can still be easily recognized as the daughter of the Dagda. Her Christian attributes, almost all connected with fire, attest her pagan origin.

She was born at sunrise; a house in which she dwelt blazed into a flame which reached to heaven; a pillar of fire rose from her head when she took the veil; and her breath gave new life to the dead. As with the British goddess Sul, worshipped at Bath, who--the first century Latin writer Solinus tells us--"ruled over the boiling springs, and at her altar there flamed a perpetual fire which never whitened into ashes, but hardened into a stony mass", the sacred flame on her shrine at Kildare was never allowed to go out. It was extinguished once, in the thirteenth century, but was rekindled, and burnt with undying glow until the suppression of the monasteries by Henry the Eighth.
This sacred fire might not be breathed on by the impure human breath. For nineteen nights it was tended by her nuns, but on the twentieth night it was left untouched, and kept itself alight miraculously. With so little of her essential character and ritual changed, it is small wonder that the half-pagan, half-Christian Irish gladly accepted the new saint in the stead of the old goddess.

Celtic Quest

Capture the Enchantment of Celtic Mysticism and Mystery

Celtic Quest is a path in awakening and understanding.

This quest will bring you deeper into the depths of your soul, reawakening the mystical and magical part of yourself .

We will awaken the Wisdom of the Soul  by accessing The Wisdom Within.  

By introducing you to Celtic Shamanism we will be accessing a forgotten aspect of ourselves, the wiser, all knowing part of ourselves. This is known as Essence.

Learning how to embrace your essence will encourage you to bring forth your unique hidden gifts and talents. This process is prolific once you begin, like a well tended garden your minds grows in healthy abundance.


Upon completion of all 12 workshops you receive a Celtic Quest Certificate.

Each of the workshops offered may be taken individually or as part of a program.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual path that embraces a life of living in harmony with the world around us. It has been practised in various forms all over the world since time began. Universal Shamanism is based on the commonalities between all cultures in the world, while acknowledging and respecting that each culture has their own unique form and a variety of differing tools. Shamanism serves by finding the paths to harmony for people that will also contribute to the growth and survival of the entire world. Shamanism is about finding and following your personal vocation and incorporating it into your life regardless of your faith or religious beliefs.

What can I expect at a Celtic Quest Workshop?

We usually start off the class by discussing what we will be covering that day, the object of the workshop, methods being used etc. Each workshop has an opening meditation, smudging (this is optional), drumming, music, guided immagry, explaination of and introduction to Fairies, Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Plant and Tree Spirits.

I will say that not every workshop is the same, depending on the people attending, the dynamics of the group etc the sharing can go in many different ways. For this reason I invite  participants who have completed 12 basic Celtic Quest workshops to attend the workshops again free of charge, any time they desire.

Essence of the Goddess

Awakening the Goddess within brings benefits in all aspects of your life.  Connect with the Essence of the Inner Goddess which leads us on a powerful journey of  Awakening.

This retreat incorporates Spirit Dance, Drumming, Journeying and Meditation.
The Goddess Brigid

We will be invoking the Celtic Goddess BRIGID to share with us her female energy, strength, determination, willpower and any other gifts she feel will benefit us at this time.

If you are hoping for assistance in moving forward on new paths and journeys I suggest you also take the workshops on Maeve and Aine to solidify your path.

This workshop is the female counterpart to Celtic Warrior. I highly suggest you take both workshops to balance female and male energy.

Cost: $45

The Eternal Flame

This is an intense experience where you are initiated and become ignited to the everlasting flame of the Goddess and Saint Brigid.

You will become one with the energy of fire and the power within the flame to bring about healing and creativity to others and inspire them to follow their own true hearts desires.

This imitation begins a wondrous path of enlightenment for yourself and the almost instant ability to inspire and Muse others.

Cost $60   Certificate Course
Facilitator Fiona Newman April 2013

As of May Michelle Mathewson will be facilitating the rituals, ceremonies and training.

 Celtic Fire Ceremony
Celtic Trinity Fire Meditations assist in igniting passion and fire in your life while releasing and burning away karma in the past, present and future. Awaken the fire within to bring about healing, creativity, strength and much more by reclaiming memories and knowledge that we need for our soul journey in this lifetime.

We light a fire and burn all experiences, hurts, negative experiences from the Past in this lifetime and in other lifetimes. While doing this we bring in or reclaim the knowledge, wisdom, teachings we had in Past Lives. that can assist us at this time in our lives.

We light a fire and focus on the Present. We concentrate on the here and now, by burning away past negativity, we  replace it with pleasure and joy in the present. Here you receive guidance and messages for the current situations in your life.

The third and final fire is for creating the Future you want for yourself. By placing positive intention into the future you create a pathway to ensure your future plans fall into place with ease and Grace.


 Maeve   Cycles


This workshop assist in breaking patterns or cycles which you may or may not even be aware of.  These cycles may create obstacles in your life. Set yourself free of the negative cycles and start some new positive cycles.
Maeve also supports you in setting up now patterns to replace the old ones, which will assist you in taking the steps you want and need to. This workshop is extremely powerful when followed by the workshop on Aine  Leaps of Faith.

Cost $60

Aine       Leaps of Faith


Take a risk and put your heart’s true desire into action. Procrastinating about your dreams won’t make them go away. Neither will it make them happen. Make a decision and then the universal doors will open and help you attain your goals

Sometimes we all need to just take that leap of faith. When you are ready call on the Goddess Aine she will help lead your way!! Indecision leads to stagnation and that leads to our souls not perfecting. We all need to keep moving, learning, growing and allowing our soul to perfect and become all that we can be.
Cost $60